Industrial Visit of Civil Engineering students to Crest Hospital Project Site

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In order to enhance knowledge level of students about good construction practices and integration of theoretical studies with the practical aspects of construction of RCC framed construction ‘Department of Civil Engineering’ organized an industrial visit to ‘Crest Hospital Project Site’ for 3rd Year students on 7th April 2018. Students were found very enthusiastic to get more and more knowledge about construction works.

The students were briefed about the work in progress at project site by the site engineers. All queries raised by the students were addressed by the site engineers and Project Manager along with ABESIT faculty members who accompanied them during the visit.

Students learned about earthwork in excavation, types of foundation, joints between beams with column and slab, load transfer, brick layouts, types of bond, retaining wall, water proofing methods, construction of bunkers to name a few learning outcomes.