Faculty Development Programme on Power Quality Problems & Their Solutions

Faculty Development Program on Power Quality Problems and Its Solutions
(July 04-06, 2014 )

ABES Institute of Technology ,Ghaziabad conducted a three days Faculty Development Program on Quality problems and their solutions on July 04-06,2014. Prof. R.K Khandal,Vice Chancellor of Uttar Pradesh Technical University was the Chief Guest. Faculties, research scholars and M.Tech students from various Institutions like RKGEC, AKGEC, MIT, Jamia Milia Islamia, Al-Flah School of Engg and Technology etc. participated in it. The program started by lightening of the ceremonial lamp by the chief guest Prof. R K. Khandal . He emphasised in his speech on the importance of a faculty for an Institution. He said that each faculty acts as a pillar in the making of an educational institution, therefore they should be highly oriented and should always relook to enhance their skills in their domain area. He said that all the self sustained Institutions of UPTU have the responsibility of educating the youth of Uttar Pradesh and thereby making them engineers for the growth of our nation. He also gave emphasis on team work, he said each faculty and management of any institution should work as a team and should have faith in each other for the growth of their institution. Management of any institution should patronise the efforts of their faculties. He said that knowledge is not what you know, its what you should know. A teacher should treat his students as equal knowledgeable like him/her and then only they both can learn new skills. He said that India is far behind in terms of power Quality as many of its states are still not getting sufficient power supply. He said that the topic of this faculty development program is new and faculties should learn the ways of improving the quality of power and contribute in the enhancement of India’s Condition in terms of power supply is possible.

The first speaker of this faculty Development program was Prof. S.N Singh from IIT Kanpur. He gave an “Overview of Power Quality” in which he spoke about Electric power, its types, voltage quality, effects of poor power quality, importance of power quality, power quality disturbances, their causes and solutions, several IEEE standards and Indian standards of measuring power quality, harmonics, their working, effects &many more.

The second speaker was Prof. H.O Gupta, Ex-Prof IIT Roorkee and Director at JIIT Noida. He gave lecture on “Interruption of power quality” in which he spoke about the causes of power quality, categorization of power quality, electromagnetic phenomena, voltage sag & swell, CBEMA curve, general classes of power quality ,end user issues, reliability in terms of SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI, ,Harmonic distortion, monitoring of power quality etc.

On the Second day of the FDP , Prof. Pramod Aggarwal from IIT Rookee was the eminent speaker who taught about “Voltage & Current Harmonics”. He talked in detail about harmonics and their cases, modern power electronic types, firing angle ,types of power factor and displacement factors, process of reducing harmonics and many more.

The Fourth speaker was Prof. M.P Dave, Ex-Prof IIT Roorkee and Professor in Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College. He taught the participants about the “Applications of custom power devices”. He gave his ample knowledge about solid state current limiter, current limiter operating& its principle, solid state breaker, solid state transfer switch, configuration of D-statcom, functioning of Dynamic voltage restorer, classification of power quality Conditioner etc.

The fifth and realistic speaker of this FDP was Prof. B.K Chauhan, Director ABESIT who shared his knowledge with the participants on “Voltage Sag & Swell”. He emphasised on the IEEE standards like P14333.2.50,P1433.2.51 ,reasons for faults, voltage swell & sag, its magnitude, duration, causes and effects,sources, symptoms and occurrences, various standards for measuring sags like IEC1000-4-1/11,IEEE 1159,IEEE P1346 etc, CBEMA curve, ITIC,SEMI 47,Volatge imbalance Sensor, SARFI, SARFIx, SARFI Curve ,Voltage Dip &sag mitigation and its technologies etc.

On the last day of this FDP,6th July 2014, the first speaker was Prof. Bharti Dwivedi from IET Lucknow. She shared her profound knowledge on “Power Quality Monitoring & Analysis” . She taught the participants about various causes and consequences of Power Quality issues , both from the supply and the demand side perspectives, factor relating to preventing and mitigating, Insight into the facts, cost effectiveness of the systems, factors on which the cost benefit analysis depends for striking a balance between the extent of investments to be made for preventing the problems, and the extent of expenditure to be made in meeting the consequences.

Last Speaker was Prof. K.B Naik, Director General, ABESIT. He shared his ample knowledge on “Electromagnetic Interferences and its Mitigation Techniques”. He made the listeners understand about the causes of EMI, its effects and classifications, Differential mode EMI, Common mode EMI,EMC standards, CISPR standards, peak, quasi-peak and average detectors, problems in measurement of conducted emission ,spectrum of conducted emission etc.

In the Valedictory session participants were awarded certificates by the Advisor of ABESIT, Prof. Vipin Garg. All the faculties and research scholars of various institutions gave their oral and written feedback about the speakers. Participants highly appreciated the high standard of program and hospitality of the institution.


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