Expert Lecture on “Balancing of Machines” in Department of Mechanical Engineering by Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Khare

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Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Khare, Former Pro-Vice Chancellor U.P.T.U Lucknow, is well known for his passion for teaching- particularly subjects related to design and analysis of mechanical components used in machines. In order to develop critical thinking in the field of solving problems of design of machine components, Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an Expert Lecture by Dr. A. K. Khare on “Balancing of Machines” on 6th April,2018 in the Institute’s Auditorium. The Expert Lecture was attended by 3rd Year students along with Department Faculty members. In this interactive discussion of two hours, Prof. Khare explained the fundamental approach of solving the numerical problems of balancing in machines. He solved sample problems on balancing from a tutorial sheet which he had shared with students a week ago. The session was highly interactive and students’ queries were aptly handled by the Resource Person.