Sr.SemesterBranch/SectionSubject CodeSubject Name
14II ECNOE-043Laser systems and applications
24II CSANEC-409Introduction to Microprocessor
34II CSBNEC-409Introduction to Microprocessor
44II ITNEC-408Information Theory and Coding
54II MEANME-401Applied Thermodynamics
64II MEBNME-401Applied Thermodynamics
74II CEANCE-402Geo-informatics
84II CEBNCE-402Geo-informatics
94II EEENOE-043Laser systems and applications
102SEC-1NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
112SEC-2NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
122SEC-3NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
132SEC-4NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
142SEC-5NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
152SEC-6NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
162SEC-7NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
172SEC-8NAS-203Engineering Mathematics - II
186III ECAEEC-604Introduction to Electric Drives
196III ECBEEC-604Introduction to Electric Drives
206III CSAECS-604Web Technology
216III CSBECS-604Web Technology
226III ITECS-505Graph Theory
236III EEEEEC-609Analog & Digital Communication
246III MEAEME-603Theory of Machine- II
256III MEBEME-603Theory of Machine- II
266III CEECE-014Principles of Town Planning and Architecture
274II MBANMBA 041Strategic Management
284II ECNEC-404Electromagnetic Field Theory (EMFT)
294II CSANCS-403Computer Graphics
304II CSBNCS-403Computer Graphics
314II ITNIT-401Multimedia and Animation
324II MEANME-403Measurement and Metrology
334II MEBNME-403Measurement and Metrology
344II CEANCE-404Engineering Geology
354II CEBNCE-404Engineering Geology
364II EEENEE-403Instrumentation & Process Control
372SEC-1NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
382SEC-2NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
392SEC-3NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
402SEC-4NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
412SEC-5NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
422SEC-6NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
432SEC-7NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
442SEC-8NAS-201Engineering Physics - II
456III ECAEHU-601Industrial Management
466III ECBEHU-601Industrial Management
476III CSAEHU-601Industrial Management
486III CSBEHU-601Industrial Management
496III ITEHU-601Industrial Management
506III EEEEHU-601Industrial Management
516III MEAEHU-601Industrial Management
526III MEBEHU-601Industrial Management
536III CEEHU-601Industrial Management
548IV ECAEEC-801Wireless & Mobile
558IV ECBEEC-801Wireless & Mobile
568IV CSAECS-801Artificial Intelligence
578IV CSBECS-801Artificial Intelligence
588IV ITECS-701Distributed Systems
598IV EEEEEE-054Energy Efficiency & Conservation
608IV MEEME-801Power Plant Engineering
614II MBANMBA HR03Negotiation & Counseling
624II ECAUC-002Cyber Security
634II CSAAUC-001Human Values & Professional Ethics
644II CSBAUC-001Human Values & Professional Ethics
654II ITAUC-001Human Values & Professional Ethics
664II MEAAUC-002Cyber Security
674II MEBAUC-002Cyber Security
684II CEAAUC-002Cyber Security
694II CEBAUC-002Cyber Security
704II EEEAUC-001Human Values & Professional Ethics
712SEC-1NME-201Basic Manufacturing Process
722SEC-2NME-201Basic Manufacturing Process
732SEC-3NME-201Basic Manufacturing Process
742SEC-4NME-201Basic Manufacturing Process
752SEC-5NAS-205Environment & Ecology
762SEC-6NAS-205Environment & Ecology
772SEC-7NAS-205Environment & Ecology
782SEC-8NAS-205Environment & Ecology
796III ECAEIC-601Microcontroller
806III ECBEIC-601Microcontroller
816III CSAEIT-505Information Security and Cyber Laws
826III CSBEIT-505Information Security and Cyber Laws
846III EEEEEC-029Antena & Wave Propogation
856III MEAEME-022Advanced Welding Technology
866III MEBEME-022Advanced Welding Technology
876III CEECE-603Transportation Engg ‐ 2
884II MBAAUC-002Cyber Security
894II ECNEC-401Data Structure
904II CSANAS-401Engg. Mathematics III
914II CSBNAS-401Engg. Mathematics III
924II ITNAS-401Engg. Mathematics III
934II MEANAS-401Engg. Mathematics III
944II MEBNAS-401Engg. Mathematics III
954II CEANAS-401Engg. Mathematics III
964II CEBNAS-401Engg. Mathematics III
974II EEENEE-402Network Analysis and Synthesis
982SEC-1NEC-201Electronics Engineering
992SEC-2NEC-201Electronics Engineering
1002SEC-3NEC-201Electronics Engineering
1012SEC-4NEC-201Electronics Engineering
1022SEC-5NCS-201Computer System & Programming in C
1032SEC-6NCS-201Computer System & Programming in C
1042SEC-7NCS-201Computer System & Programming in C
1052SEC-8NCS-201Computer System & Programming in C
1066III ECAEEC-601Digital communication
1076III ECBEEC-601Digital communication
1086III CSAECS-601Computer Network
1096III CSBECS-601Computer Network
1106III ITECS-601Computer Network
1116III EEEEEE-601Power System Analysis
1126III MEAEME-602Machine Design-II
1136III MEBEME-602Machine Design-II
1146III CEECE-601Design of Concrete Structures – 2
1158IV ECAEEC-802Electronics Switching
1168IV ECBEEC-802Electronics Switching
1178IV CSAECS-087Mobile Computing
1188IV CSBECS-087Mobile Computing
1198IV ITECS-087Mobile Computing
1208IV EEEEEC-069Satellite Communication
1218IV MEEME-051Operations Research
1224II MBANMBA 043Hospitality & Tourism Management
1234II MBANMBA FM03Tax Planning and Management
1244II ECNEC-402Electronic Circuits
1254II CSANCS-402Theory Of Automata and Formal Launguage
1264II CSBNCS-402Theory Of Automata and Formal Launguage
1274II ITNCS- 402Theory Of Automata and Formal Launguage
1284II MEANEE-409Electrical Machines & Controls
1294II MEBNEE-409Electrical Machines & Controls
1304II CEANCE-401Structural Analysis-I
1314II CEBNCE-401Structural Analysis-I
1324II EEENEE-401Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion– II
1332SEC-1NAS-202Engineering Chemistry
1342SEC-2NAS-202Engineering Chemistry
1352SEC-3NAS-202Engineering Chemistry
1362SEC-4NAS-202Engineering Chemistry
1372SEC-5NAS-204Professional Communication
1382SEC-6NAS-204Professional Communication
1392SEC-7NAS-204Professional Communication
1402SEC-8NAS-204Professional Communication
1416III ECAEEC-602Digital Signal Processing
1426III ECBEEC-602Digital Signal Processing
1436III CSAECS-602Software Engineering
1446III CSBECS-602Software Engineering
1456III ITEIT-601Software Project Management
1466III EEEEEE-602Power Electronics
1476III MEAEME-012Unconventional Manufacturing Processes
1486III MEBEME-012Unconventional Manufacturing Processes
1496III CEECE-602Environmental Engg ‐2
1508IV ECAEEC-035Introduction to RADAR systems
1518IV ECBEEC-035Introduction to RADAR systems
1528IV CSAECS-084Cryptography & Network Security
1538IV CSBECS-084Cryptography & Network Security
1548IV ITEIT-082Multimedia Systems
1558IV EEEEEC-809Data Communication Networks
1568IV MEEME-062Non-Destructive Testing
1574II MBANMBA 042Insurance & Risk Management
1584II MBANMBA MK03Retailing & Distribution Management
1594II ECNEC-403Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation
1604II CSANCS-401Operating System
1614II CSBNCS-401Operating System
1624II ITNCS- 401Operating System
1634II MEANME-402Manufacturing Science & Technology I
1644II MEBNME-402Manufacturing Science & Technology I
1654II CEANCE-403Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines
1664II CEBNCE-403Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines
1674II EEENEC-409Analog & Digital Electronics
1682SEC-1NEE-201Basic Electrical Engineering
1692SEC-2NEE-201Basic Electrical Engineering
1702SEC-3NEE-201Basic Electrical Engineering
1712SEC-4NEE-201Basic Electrical Engineering
1722SEC-5NME-202Engineering Mechanics
1732SEC-6NME-202Engineering Mechanics
1742SEC-7NME-202Engineering Mechanics
1752SEC-8NME-202Engineering Mechanics
1766III ECAEEC-603Microwave Engineering
1776III ECBEEC-603Microwave Engineering
1786III CSAECS-603Compiler Design
1796III CSBECS-603Compiler Design
1806III ITEIT-062Software Testing
1816III EEEEEE-012Special Electrical Machines
1826III MEAEME-604Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
1836III MEBEME-604Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
1846III CEECE-024Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
1858IV ECAEOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
1868IV ECBEOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
1878IV CSAEOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
1888IV CSBEOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
1898IV ITEOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
1908IV EEEEOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
1918IV MEEOE-081Non Conventional Energy Resources
1924II MBANMBA 044Behavioral Finance
1934II ECNHU-401Industrial Psychology
1944II CSANHU-401Industrial Psychology
1954II CSBNHU-401Industrial Psychology
1964II ITNHU-401Industrial Psychology
1974II MEANHU-402Industrial Sociology
1984II MEBNHU-402Industrial Sociology
1994II CEANHU-402Industrial Sociology
2004II CEBNHU-402Industrial Sociology
2014II EEENHU-402Industrial Sociology