The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, established in the year 2007, has well equipped labs as well as qualified & experienced teaching faculty. Apart from teaching the university prescribed curriculum, department regularly conducts workshops, seminars, industrial visits and guest lectures by the experts from industry and academics. Students get proper platform to showcase their capabilities and they are made to participate in group discussions, personal interviews. Students are deriving benefits from following Centres of Excellence by participating in various training programmes. These Centres of Excellence are aiding in improving the quality of teaching and learning of the students.
  1. Centre for Advanced Robotic Control for Industrial Automation
  2. Centre of Excellence for Analog & Embedded Systems
  3. E-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative in Embedded Systems & Robotics
  4. Centre of Excellence for Big Data
  5. Centre of Excellence for IoT


To provide excellence by imparting knowledge to the learners enabling them to become skilled professionals to be recognized as a responsible citizen.


  1. Provide quality education in the field of computer science and engineering through experienced and qualified faculty members.
  2. Motivate learners for higher studies and research oriented activities by utilizing resources of Centres of Excellence.
  3. Inculcate societal values, professional ethics, team work, and leadership qualities by having exposure at National and International level activities.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in computer science is a professional degree which gives exciting career opportunities to the students in the industry. They can work as programmers, analysts, game developers, designers, animators etc. The B. Tech graduates can follow various career paths:
  1. They can be employed in the IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Sopra, Accenture and many more.
  2. Students can pursue higher education like M.Tech, MS or Ph.D. in India as well as from foreign universities.
  3. Students can become entrepreneur.
  4. Students can work in research-based organizations.
The above said career opportunities can be achieved with the help of following initiatives:
  1. Industrial Visits/ Internship Programs
  2. Summer/Winter/Weekend Training Programs on Latest Technologies
  3. Centres of Excellence
  4. Career Resource Center (CRC)
  5. National Level Project Competitions like Smart India Hackathon
  6. Personality Development Programs (PDPs)
  7. CSI student chapter/CSE club/ Data Science Club
  8. Workshops/Expert talks

Program Outcomes

POsEngineering Graduates will be able to
PO1Engineering KnowledgeApply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
PO2Problem AnalysisIdentify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
PO3Design/development of solutionsDesign solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
PO4Conduct investigations of complex problemsUse research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
PO5Modern tool usageCreate, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
PO6The engineer and societyApply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
PO7Environment and sustainabilityUnderstand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
PO8EthicsApply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
PO9Individual and team workFunction effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
PO10CommunicationCommunicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
PO11Project management and financeDemonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
PO12Life-long learningRecognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO1: Graduates of the program are expected to be employed in the IT industry or indulge in higher studies and research.
  • PEO2: Graduates of the program are expected to exhibit curiosity to learn new technologies and work with ethical values and team work.
  • PEO3: Graduates of the program are expected to design and develop innovative solutions related to real world problems of the society.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • PSO1: Solve complex problems using data structures and other advanced suitable algorithms.
  • PSO2: Interpret fundamental concepts of computer systems and understand its hardware and software aspect.
  • PSO3: Analyse the constraints of the existing data base management systems and get experience on large-scale analytical methods in the evolving technologies.
  • PSO4: Develop intelligent systems and implement solutions to cater the business specific requirements.

Department Advisory Committee

S. NoMember
1AcademiciansProf. (Dr.) S. K. Gupta, I. I. T. Delhi
Prof. (Dr.) Tanvir Ahmad, Jamila Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
2Industry RepresentativeMr. Abhishek Saxena, Data Architect, IBM India Pvt.Ltd.
Mr. Pankaj Bist, Project Manager, Sopra Steria India.
3AlumniMr. Amit Kr. Verma (Batch 2012-2016), Technical Associate, Genpact, Headstrongs, Noida
Mr.Vivek Mittal (Batch 2007-2011), Business Analyst, IHS, Markit, Noida.
Mr. Shivam Tushar Verma (Batch 2011-2015), Sidhidatri Incorporation Asstoria Boulevard, RDC Ghaziabad – 201002
4EntrepreneurMr. Shivam Tushar Verma (Batch 2011-2015), Sidhidatri Incorporation Asstoria Boulevard, RDC Ghaziabad – 201002
5ParentsMr. Bhupendra Kumar Tyagi, Junior Engineer, PWD, F/O Ms. Anjali Tyagi Batch 2017-21
Mr. Manish Kumar Seem, Director-Technical Support, F/O Mr. Ankur Seem, Batch 2018-22
Ms. Ujjawala Rai, M/O Mr. Videh Vats, Batch 2018-22
6HoDProf. (Dr.) Rizwan Khan
7NBA CoordinatorMr. Avinash Kumar Sharma
8DirectorProf. (Dr.)  Manish Kumar Jha
9Member SecretaryMs. Archana Sharma
Academic SessionSemester Reports

1.Programming Lab

2.Project Lab

3.Data Structure Lab

4.Compiler Lab

5.Web Technology Lab

6.Networking  Lab

7.DBMS Lab

8.Systems Lab

Expert Talks / Guest Lectures Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

1.Ethical HackingMr. Lavish Arora, Senior IT Consultant06.09.2019    Ms. Priyanka Gupta            &              Ms. Divya Rastogi
2.How to crack Group Discussion and Personal InterviewMr. Vaibhav Mediratta, Corporate Trainer at Impact Training  & Consulting,12.09.2019
3.Data Structures, Algorithms andMr Kartik Mathur ,Trainer, Coding Blocks22.08.2019

Industrial Visit Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

S.No.Name of CompanyYear/SectionDateCo-ordinator
1.MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd.3CSE-C30.08.2019  Mr. Avinash Sharma
2.MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd.3CSE-B09.03.2019
3.Microsoft Corporation, Gurgaon3rd & 4th Year31.08.2019

Innovations by Faculty in Teaching & Learning (Role Play Activity) Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

1.Discrete Structure & Theory Of Logic- Logical Connectives.2 CSE/3rd23.08.2019Ms. Garima/Ms. Priyanka Gupta
2.Web Tech- Client Server Architecture3 CSE/ 5th23.08.2019Ms. Divya Rastogi
3.Cyber Security- Introduction to Cloud Computing3 CSE/ 5th23.08.2019Mr. Avinash Sharma

Student's Achievement in Other Inter-College Technical Events Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

S.No.Name of the EventName of Student (Winner –Position) Winner / Participation (Levels)Date
1.  Technoxian Championship  (WRC- Fastest Line Follower)Sarfarz Hussain  (Participation Certificate)    23.10.2019 -25.10.2019
2.Anuj Shukla
3.Ankit Agarwal
4.Aakrit Saxena
5.Suraj Kumar Yadav
1.        Technoxian Championship (WRC- Micromouse Maze Solver)Deepanshu  Choudhary            Participation Certificate            23.10.2019 -25.10.2019
2.Jatin Sharma
3.Jatin Pal
4.Kartikey Sharma
5.Keshav Singh
6.Kaustubh Garg
7.Aryan Gupta
8.Ayush Singh
9.Ayush Mishra
10.Ayush Saxena
1.  Technoxian Championship (WRC- Robo Race)Ayushi Gupta    Participation Certificate      23.10.2019 -25.10.2019
2.Arunika Singh
3.Akshay Tomar
4.Aman Chauhan
5.Rishabh Chaturvedi
6.Ritik Ranjan
1.  India Police HackathonAjay Pratap Singh  Participation Certificate    16.11.2019-17.11.2019
2.Arpit Tripathi
3.Mitul Gautam
4.Vishal Yadav
5.Ravi Goel
1.  HCL AI HackathonTushar Raj Verma  (1st Runner Up)2.11.2019 - 3.11.2019  
2.Neha Goel
3.Srishti Agarwal
1.  HACK CBS 2.0 (Team- Bitcoders)Rishabh Gupta  (Qualified for  Top 10)  19.10.2019-20.10.2019
2.Shweta Shukla
3.Samarpan Harit
4.Sarthik Garg
1.    IBM Hack ChallengeTushar Raj Verma  (Participation Certificate)- Finalist    28.08.2019 - 30.08.2019
2.Neha Goel
3.Srishti Agarwal
4.Urvashi Chaudhary
1.Code n Counter @ Nagarro (Team- Bitcoders)Rishabh Gupta(Participation Certificate)    21.09.2019
2.Shweta Shukla
3.Samarpan Harit
1.Regional Mentoring Session for PoC by IIC, MHRD, Innovation Cell  Tushar Raj Verma  Participation Certificate    10.08.2019

Student's Achievement in various Intra-College Technical Events Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

S.No.Name of the EventName of Student (Winner –Position)Winner   (Cash Prize) / Participation (Levels)Date
1.    Hacknovate 1.O              (Basic Quiz_CS)Shivesh Tripathi (1st )Rs. 2000    18.10.2019-19.10.2019
2.Abhiyudaya Mittal (2nd)Rs. 1000
3.Shreya Puneetha (3rd )Rs. 500
4.Aakash Choudhary(Consolation Prize) Gift
5.Shubh Agarwal(Consolation Prize) Gift
1.Hacknovate 1.O ( Core Quiz_CS)Kirti Sharma (1st )Rs. 200018.10.2019-19.10.2019
1.Hacknovate 1.O              (Hackathon)  - Software EditionRahul Kr. Pandey (1st )  Rs. 5000  18.10.2019-19.10.2019
2.Arpit Goel (1st )
3.Shobhit Vishnoi (1st )
1.Hacknovate 1.O                 (Hackathon) - Hardware EditionYuvraj Raghuvanshi (3rd)  Rs. 2000  18.10.2019-19.10.2019
2.Saurabh Bhardwaj (3rd )
1.  Hack the Web 1.0 (Junior Category)Kumar Satyarth (1st )Certificate and Prize        31.08.2019
2.Utkarsh Paliwal (2nd)Certificate and Prize
3.Apurv Garg (3rd )Certificate and Prize
1.  Hack the Web 1.0 (Senior Category)Ajay Pratap Sing (1st )Certificate and Prize
2.Shobhit Vishnoi (2nd)Certificate and Prize
3.Rajesh Singh (3rd )Certificate and Prize

AKTU Sports Fest- (State Level) Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

S.No.Name of the EventName of Student (Winner –Position) Winner   (Medal) / Participation Date
1.Athletics (400m)Ashit Kumar KarnParticipation Certificate                  21.10.2019-23.10.2019
2.Athletics      (Long Jump)Abhinav Singh (1st )Gold Medal
3.Athletics   (Discuss Throw)Kanish Tyagi (1st )Gold Medal
4.Athletics     (Shot-put)Kanish Tyagi (3rd )Bronze Medal
5.Athletics  (Javelin Throw)Vipul Kumar (3rd )Bronze Medal
1.    Volleyball    (Girls Team)Gaurangi Chaturvedi    Silver Medal – 2nd Position
2.Urvashi Chaudhary
3.Vaishnavi Bhardwaj
4.Archana Maddhesiya
5.Rupali Teotia
6.Ayushi Singhal
1.  Table Tennis (Girls Team)Kritika HandaParticipation Certificate
2.Prachi Mittal

AKTU Sports Fest- (Zonal Level) Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

S.No.Name of the EventName of Student (Winner –Position) / Participation CertificateWinner   (Medal) / ParticipationDate
1.Athletics(400m)Ashit Kumar KarnGold Medal                                        24.09.2019-26.09.2019
2.Athletics         (Long Jump)Abhinav SinghGold Medal
3.Athletics      (Discuss Throw)Kanish TaygiGold Medal
4.Athletics        (Shot-put)Kanish TaygiGold Medal
5.Athletics     (Javelin Throw)Vipul KumarGold Medal
1.    Volleyball    (Girls Team)Gaurangi Chaturvedi    Gold Medal
2.Urvashi Chaudhary
3.Vaishnavi Bhardwaj
4.Archana Maddhesiya
5.Rupali Teotia
6.Ayushi Singhal
3.  Table TennisKritika Handa  Silver Medal
4.Prachi Mittal
5.Esha Tanwar
6.  Badminton    (Girls Team)Vartika SinghParticipation Certificate
7.Kritika Handa
8.Vaishali Chaudhary
9.      Basket Ball     (Boys Team)Sarthak Sharma    Participation Certificate
10.Shivam Chaudhary
11.Deepak Teotia
12.Aman Saxena
13.Chetan Sharma
14.Nitish Chaudhary
15.Ashish Chaudhary
16.ChessKajal GuptaParticipation Certificate
17.        Football          (Boys Team)Abhinav singh    Participation Certificate
18.Abhinav Sharma
19.Akshat Deshwal
20.Naman Bhardwaj
21.Adamya Narayan Singh
22.Rishabh Saraswat
23.Aruj Singh
24.Vrashank Vats
25.    Volley Ball     (Boys Team)Aman Srivastava  Participation Certificate
26.Aman Saxena
27.Ashutosh Sharma
28.Vedant Rana
29.      Kho Kho       (Girls Team)Antra Malik    Participation Certificate
30.Shalini Singh
31.Nancy Murvariya
33.Esha Tanwar
34.Iram Warsi

AKTU Art & Cultural, Technical, Literary & Management (State Level) Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

S.No.Name of the EventName of Student (Winner –Position)Winner   (Medal) / ParticipationDate
1.Business Plan- ManagementVartika SinghParticipation Certificate21.10.2019-23.10.2019
2.Sachin Singh

AKTU Art & Cultural, Technical, Literary & Management (Zonal Level) Session 2019-20 (Odd Semester)

S.No.Name of the EventName of Student (Winner –Position)Winner   (Medal) / ParticipationDate
1.Business Plan- ManagementVartika Singh    (1st )Gold Medal        08.11.2019-09.11.2019
2.Sachin Singh    (1st )
3.Robo RaceAditya SinghParticipation
4.Bridge KritiAkash BansalParticipation
5.Coding ContestShewta ShuklaParticipation
6.Arpit Kumar
7.DebateNaman  JainParticipation
8.Just a MinuteNaman  JainParticipation

Expert Talk/ Guest Lecture 2019-2020

1Ethical HackingMr. Lavish Arora, Senior IT Consultant06.09.2019
2How to crack Group Discussion and Personal InterviewMr. Vaibhav Mediratta, Corporate Trainer at Impact Training  & Consulting, New Delhi12.09.2019
3Data Structures, Algorithms and Competitive ProgrammingMr Kartik Mathur ,Trainer,Coding Blocks22.08.2019

Industrial Visit 2019-2020

S.No.Name of CompanyYear / SectionDate
1MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd.3CSE-C30.08.2019
2MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd.3 CSE-B09.03.2019
3Microsoft Corporation, Gurgaon3 & 4 Year CSE31.08.2019

Role Play Activity 2019-2020

S.No.Subject/TopicYear/ SemDate
1Discrete Structure & Theory Of Logic- Logical Connectives 2 CSE/3rd23.10.2019
2Web Tech- client Server Architecture3 CSE/ 5th23.10.2019
3Cyber Security- Introduction to cloud computing3 CSE /5th23.10.2019

Student's Achievement in Different Activites 2019-2020

1Hacknovate 1.OAakash Choudhary18.10.2019-19.10.2019
2Arpit Goel
3Nipun Tyagi
4Nikita Chauhan
5Shobit Vishnoi
6Hack The Web 1.0Shobit Vishnoi31.08.2019
7Dev Yadav
8Aakash Choudhary
9Hackathon Harsh Jaiswal18.10.2019-19.10.2019
10Ujjawal Srivastava
11Shubham Yadav
12TechnoxianAyushi Gupta*23.10.2019 -25.10.2019
13Arunika Singh
14Akshey Tomar
15Aman Chauhan
16Rishabh Cheturvedi
17Ritik Ranjan
18Sarfaraj Hussain*
19Ankit Agrawal
20Anuj Shukla
21Aakrit Saxena
22Suraj Yadav
23Deepanshu Chaudhary*
24Jatin Sharma
25Jatin Pal
26Kartikey Sharma
27Keshav Singh
28Kaustaubh Garg
29Aryan Gupta
30Ayush Singh
31Ayush Mishra
32Ayush Saxena
33India Police Hackathon 2019Ajay Pratap Singh16.11.2019-17.11.2019
34Arpit Tripathi
35Mitul Gautam
36Vishal Yadav
37Ravi Goel
38HCI AI HackathonNeha Goel2.11.2019  - 3.11.2019
39Srishti Agrawal
40Tushar Raj Verma
41HACK CBS2.0Shweta Shukla19.10.2019-20.10.2019
42Sarthik Garg
43Rishabh  Gupta
44Samarpan Harit
45IBM HACK ChallengeNeha Goel28.08.2019 - 30.08.2019
46Srishti Agrawal
47Tushar Raj Verma
48Urvashi Chaudhary
49Code N Counter @ NagarroShweta Shukla21.09.2019
50Rishabh  Gupta
51Samarpan Harit
52Regional Mentoring Session for PoC by IIC, MHRD'S Innovation cellTushar Raj Verma10.08.2019

AKTU Sports Fest- (State Level) 2019-2020

1AthleticsAshit Kumar Karn21.10.2019-23.10.2019
2Abhinav singh
3Vipul Kumar
4Kanish Taygi
5Volley BallGaurangi Chaturvedi*
6Urvashi Chaudhary
7Vaishnavi Bhardwaj
8Archana Maddhesiya
9Rupali Teotia
10Ayushi Singhal
11Table TennisKritika Handa
12Prachi Mittal
13Esha Tanwar

AKTU Sports Fest- (Zonal Level) 2019-2020

1Athletics(F)Antra Malik24.09.2019-26.09.2019
3Shalini Singh
4Vartika Singh
5Rishika Jaiswal
6Athletics(M)Mohd. Bilal
7Ashit Kumar
8Vipul Kumar
9Kushal Singhal
10Rajesh Singh Bohra
11Abhinav Singh
12Kanish Taygi
13Volley BallGaurangi Chaturvedi*
14Urvashi Chaudhary
15Vaishnavi Bhardwaj
16Archana Maddhesiya
17Rupali Teotia
18Ayushi Singhal
19Table Tennis (F)Kritika Handa
20Prachi Mittal
21Esha Tanwar
22Table Tennis (M)Aman Srivastava
23Nipun Tyagi
24Rajat Kesarwani
25BadmintonVartika Singh
26Kritika Handa
27Vaishali Chaudhary
28Basket BallSarthsk Sharma
29Shivam Chaudhary
30Deepak Teotia
31Aman Saxena
32Chetan Sharma
33Nitish Chaudhary
34Ashish Chaudhary
35ChessKajal Gupta
36Raj Solanki
37FootballAbhinav singh
38Abhinav Sharma
39Akshat Deshwal
40Naman Bhardwaj
41Adamya Narayan Singh
42Rishabh Saraswat
43Aruj Singh
44Vrashank Vats
45Volley BallAman Srivastava
46Aman Saxena
47Ashutosh Sharma
48Vedant Rana
49Kho KhoAntra Malik
50Shalini Singh
51Iram Warsi
53Nancy Murvariya
54Esha Tanwar

AKTU Art & Cultural, Technical, Literary & Management (State Level) 2019-2020

1Business Plan- ManagementVartika Singh22.11.19 - 23.11.19
2Sachin Singh

AKTU Art & Cultural, Technical, Literary & Management (Zonal Level) 2019-2020

1Robo RaceAditya Singh08.11.2019-09.11.2019
2Bridge KritiAkash Bansal
3Coding ContestShewta Shukla
4Arpit Kumar
5Business PlanVartika Singh
6Sachin Singh
7DebateNaman jain
8Just a MinuteNaman jain

Expert Talks

1Career in TechnologyMr. Anurag Rai (Byju's , Bangalore)20/02/2019
2Career in ManagementMr. Praveen Chandra (T.I.M.E. Education, Noida)15/02/2019
3Artificial IntelligenceProf. Rajeev Kumar (NSIT, Delhi)04-06-2018
4Big DataMr. Kuldeep Singh(Big Data Expert, CETPA Noida)30/03/2018
5JavaMr. Amit Verma (Software Engineer, Headstrong Noida)29/03/2018
6JavaMr. Amit Verma (Software Engineer, Headstrong Noida)28/03/2018
7Machine LearningMr. Madhukar Mani (IBM Ecosystem Developer, Bangalore)22/11/2017
8Cyber SecurityMr. I. L. Narsimha Rao (Project Manager, CDAC Noida)10-10-2017

Guest Lectures

1Digital Image ProcessingDr. Sushila Maheshkar  (Assistant Professor, NIT Delhi)31/08/2018
2Deep LearningDr. Suneet Kumar Gupta (Professor, Bennett University, Greater Noida)30/08/2018
3Data ScienceDr. Girish Sharma (Principal, BPIBS, Delhi)08-10-2018
4Computer AnimationDr. R. Rama Kishore(Associate Professor, GGSIPTU Delhi)21/02/2018
5Cyber SecurityMr. Krishna Basudevan18/08/2017


S. No.ThemeSpeakerDuration
1Data ScienceMr. Pankaj Pathak (CSC, Noida)30/03/2019 to 31/03/2019
2Network Management & Ethical Hacking with AndroidMr. Santu Purkait (Netcamo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , Kolkata22/02/2019
3HoloLensMr. Mani Jee(Android Corporate Trainer, MCN Solution)24/08/2018
4Big DataMr. Ajmat Siddique(Technical Trainer, TCSion Noida)14/08/2018
5Cloud ComputingMr. Shadab Khan(Technical Manager & Consultant, Training Basket Noida)13/08/2018
6PythonMr. Aamir Khan(IoT Trainer, Aptron Solutions Noida)08-03-2018
7Big Data Hive Sqoop ByMr. Vikas Kumar(Data Analyst  TCSion, Noida)20/11/2017
8Microsoft Windows AzureMr. NitinPandit(Microsoft MVP, MCN Solution, Noida)11-02-2017
9Web Designing using PHPMr. Neeraj Sharma(Technical Consultant, Impactro Solutions Noida)09-08-2017
10Cloud ComputingMr. Aashish Raj(Cloud Consultant, Aptron Solutions Gurgaon)25/08/2017
11PythonMr. Aamir Khan(IoT Trainer, Aptron Solutions Noida)21/08/2017
12Demystifying Big data/ Cloud ComputingMr. SatmeetSoni(Big Data Cloud Strategist & solution Architect, FINO Paytech)30/09/2016
13Web DesigningMr. Rajpal Singh Rawat(Trainer, Aptron Solutions Gurgaon)30/09/2016
14Cloud computing (in collaboration with CSI)Mr. Karan Chaturvedi(City Technical Developer, IBM Silokhera, Gurgaon, Haryana)16/09/2016
15Web Application  using PHPTechnical Trainers(Incise Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Noida)8/4/2016 To 9/4/2016
16Data Analytics-HadoopMr. Ravi Kumar(Sr. Research Engineer, Patrol Solutions in association with IIT Kharagpur)22/01/2016 To 24/01/2016

Industrial Visits

S. No.Name of the CompanyYear/ SectionDate
1MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Noida2CSA27/02/2019
2CEBS Worldwide, Noida3CSC09-01-2018
3CEBS Worldwide, Noida3CSB18/08/2018
4CEBS Worldwide, Noida3CSA08-04-2018
5CEBS Worldwide, Noida3CSE21/04/2018


S. No.Name of the EventDate of the EventWinnersRewards Given
1Webthon04-05-2019Sachin Singh
Vartika Singh
ABES EC Lakshya-2019
Prajul Garg
1             Basket Ball28/03/2019 To 29/03/2019Sarthak Sharma


1Solo Dance28/02/2019 to 01/03/2019Ramnika Jain

Tetrahedron 2018

1Group Discussion(30 students participated)26/10/20181. Ravi VermaRs. 1000
2. ArpitRs. 500
2Coding (Java)(23 students participated)26/10/20181. Vishal Yadav and teamRs. 1000
2. Sneha Jain and teamRs. 500
3Android(8 students participated)26/10/20181. Singahi saifi & Vibhor (IMS Noida)Rs. 1000
2. Sahin Singh &Saurabh SainiRs. 500
4Gaming (Need for Speed)(20 students participated)26/10/20181. Vansham Bhardwaj (SRM IST)Rs. 1000
2. Ayashkant SiddharthRs. 500
5Gaming (PUBG)(80 students participated)26/10/20181. Nitish KumarRs. 1000
2. Arpit KumarRs. 500
6Gaming (C.S.)(5 teams participated)26/10/20181. Team-1 (NOOB SENA)Rs. 1000
2. Team-2 (CDG)Rs. 500
7Web Designing(10 teams participated)26/10/20181.  Rishabh Sharma and Siddharth KaushikRs. 1000
2.Sumit Raj and Vaibhav GargRs. 500
8Quiz (C/C++)(156 students participated)25/10/ 20181.Devraj KumarRs. 1000
2 Ankit SinghRs. 500
9Quiz (Java)(23 students participated)25/10/20181. Sumit RajRs. 1000
2  Sushil KumarRs. 500
10Quiz (Python)(13 students participated)25/10/20181. Sneha JainRs. 1000
2. Abhay ChauhanRs. 500
11Quiz (DBMS/OS)(24 students participated)25/10/20181  Yash JainRs. 1000
2. Sumakshi ChauhanRs. 500

Big Data Thon-2018

1Start-up Idea Competition(10 teams participated)20/04/20181.Aakansh Singhal & TeamRs. 3000
2 Ayashkant and teamRs. 2000
3.Vartika singh and TeamRs.1000
2Debate Competition(30 students participated)20/04/20181 Karan Pratap Singh (2nd Prize Winner) Rs. 2000
3Big War Project Competition(17 teams from various colleges participated)19/04/20181.Rahul Bandhan & Team  Rs. 15000
2. Devraj Kumar & TeamRs. 8000
3. Shivam Choudhary & TeamRs.5000
4Quiz Competition  (303 students participated)19/04/20181. Prashant SharmaRs. 3000
2.Parichay AgarwalRs.2000

Smart India Hackathon-2019

1GRAND FINALE of National level SIH(1407 Shortlisted TEAMS for Grand Finale participated at 48 centres in various parts of the country, and 8 Teams of ABESIT participated in it)02/03/2019 to  03/03/2019Team ‘VENCEDOR of ABESIT’ won 1st  Rank at Noida centreRs. 100000

Smart India Hackathon-2018

1GRAND FINALE of National level SIH(1296 Shortlisted TEAMS for Grand Finale participated at 28 centres in various parts of the country, and 8 Teams of ABESIT participated in it)30/03/2018 to  31/03/20181. Team ‘Tech Amigos’ won 2nd Rank at Mumbai centreRs. 75,000
2. Team ‘Divergents’ won 3rd Rank at Bhubaneswar centerRs. 50,000 + 25,000 (By Karnataka Bank)
3. Team ‘Salvatore’ received Inspiration award at Hyderabad centerRs. 10,000

AKTU  Zonal & Cultural Fest-2019 (IMS)

1Group Dance22/02/2019 to 23/02/2019Ramnika Jain
2Solo Dance22/02/2019 to 23/02/2019Ramnika Jain

AKTU State Level Arts & Cultural Fest-2018

1Solo Dance26/03/2018 to 27/03/20181. Ramnika JainBronze Medal

AKTU’s Zonal Arts & Cultural Fest-2018

1Solo Dance23/02/ 20181.   Ramnika Jain (1st Rank Holder)Certificates of Appreciation
2Fashion Jalwa23/02/ 20181.    Arunav Malhotra &    Himanshi Bhatnagar  (1st Rank Holder)Certificates of Appreciation

World’s First Summit of Developer Student Club by Google Developers-2018

1As a Developer Student Club Lead at Goa (174 student Leads representing 170 colleges and 90+ cities attending the event)22/02/ 2018 to  25/02/ 20181. Vanshika Garg & team stood first in developing solution for local businessReceived swags from Google as token of gratitude for attending the summit


1Android(5 Teams Participated)11-11-20171.      Mitul Gautam & Tanya Goel  Rs. 1000
2.      Kumal Goswani & Dimple MehtaRs. 500
3.      Nikhil Dhiman & Manish KumarRs. 100
2Gaming (Need for Speed)(80 Participants)11-11-20171.      Utkarsh Srivastava  Rs. 1000
2.      Ravi GoyalRs. 500
3.      Akshay SehdevRs. 100
Team-1 (IWNL)
3Gaming (C.S.)(50 Participants)11-11-20171.      Parichay AgarwalRs. 1000
2.      Ashish Shukla,
3.      Avinash Mishra
4.      Rahul Prakash Tiwari
Team-2 (Seal Team)
1.      Ankit Kumar RoyRs. 500
2.      Ayush Shroff
3.      Shubham Srivastava
4.      Shivam Yadav
5.      Ravi Goel
6.      Sachin Singh
7.      Dhananjay Verma
8.      Shivam Chaudhary
4Quiz (C/C++)(171 Participants)11-10-2017 1. Harshit Aggarwal (1st Prize Winner)Rs. 1000
5Quiz (Java)(76 Participants)11-10-20171.      Pankaj SharmaRs. 1000
2.      Ashish ShuklaRs. 500
3.      Piyush DuaRs. 100
6Group Discussion(80 Participants)11-10-20171.      Monika Singh PatelRs. 1000
2.      Khushi PrasadRs. 500
3.      AbhijeetRs. 100
7Coding (Java)(60 Participants)11-10-20171.      Devraj Kumar(3rd Prize Winner)Rs. 100


1Start-up Idea Competition04-08-20171.      Rahul Vashishtha (3rd Prize Winner)Rs. 1000
2Debate Competition04-08-20171.  S. Bharat (2nd Prize Winner)Rs. 2000
2.      Prateek Kapoor (3rd Prize Winner)Rs. 1000
3Big War Project    Competition04-07-20171.      Rahul Vashishtha  (2nd Prize Winner)Rs. 15000
4Quiz Competition04-07-20171.      Ashish Shukla(1st Prize Winner)Rs. 3000
2.  Monika Singh Patel (3rd Prize Winner)Rs. 1000

Smart India Hackhathon-2017

 1GRAND FINALE of Smart India Hackathon1/4/2017 to 2/4/20171.  TEAM PATH PRADARSHAK receives an Inspiration awardRs. 10000
2.  TEAM CEREBRO receives an Inspiration awardRs. 10000
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Academic SessionReport
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