Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) department was established in the year 2020. The Faculty and Staff members of Department are well qualified and efficient in guiding the students in every field of the Data Science. The area of Data Science combines several disciplines, including Data analytics, Machine learning, Statistics and Computer Science.

It implies techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the context of mathematics, statistics, computer science, information science, and domain knowledge. The Department develops Data Science Graduates having good problem-solving capabilities, communication skills and habit to learn new technologies. Apart from prescribed university curriculum, focus is on practical and skill-based training to ensure that students grow according to Industry Requirement.

Academic Calendar Odd Semester: 2021-22

1.Commencement of Classes for IV year’s students.01-09-2021WednesdayDr. Bipin Kumar Rai/Prof. Sumit Kumar
2.Commencement of Classes for II & III year’s students.13-09-2021MondayDr. Bipin Kumar Rai/Prof. Sumit Kumar
3.Project Progress Presentation 124-09-2021FridayDr. Bipin Kumar Rai/Prof. Shivani Sharma
4Expert Talk  on” Competitive Programming”September,2021Dr. Bipin Kumar Rai
5.Class Test 127-09-2021 to      29-09-2021Monday to WednesdayDr. Kaushal Kishor
6Students Feedback-I08-10-2021FridayProf. Rishabh Kamal
7Class Test 211-10-2021  to     13-10-2021Monday to WednesdayDr. Kaushal Kishor
8.Hachnovate 3.016-10-2021 to     17-10-2021Saturday To SundayDr. Bipin Kumar Rai
9.Mentor- Mentee Meeting- I22-10-2021Friday
10Project Progress Presentation 222-10-2021FridayDr. Bipin Kumar Rai/Prof. Shivani Sharma
11.Sessional Test-I25-10-2021 to     30-10-2021Monday to Saturday
12.Student Feedback 212-11-2021FridayProf. Rishabh Kamal
   13.Expert Talk  on“Introduction to Data Science with Python”November 2021 Prof. Faraj Chishti Resource Person:-Mr. Arpit Yadav (Data Scientist,AI-Beehive)
   14.Class Test 315-11-2021  to 17-11-2021Monday to WednesdayDr. Kaushal Kishor
     15.Mentor- Mentee Meeting- II19-11-2021Friday
16Project Progress Presentation 319-11-2021FridayDr. Bipin Kumar Rai/Prof. Shivani Sharma
17.Sessional Test -218-12-2021 to   24-12-2021 Saturday To Friday
18.CO Feedback27-12-2021MondayProf. Rishabh Kamal
19.End Semester ExaminationAs per University Schedule
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Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) Department organized a workshop on 24th November 2021 for 2nd year students on “Augmented Reality” from 11:30 A.M. to 01:10 P.M. The Workshop was coordinated by Dr. Bipin Kumar Rai, HOD, CSE-Data Science department.
The speaker for the workshop was Mr. Azkar Khan from ReSkill. The resource person demonstrated a practical implementation on Spark AR studio which enables you to create your own AR effects – from patching to animation. The session was interactive and the students learned how to import object and sounds, create an effect with dynamic effect, replacing the background, adding touch gestures and publish effects with spark hub etc.