The Alumni Association is open to all the Students of ABES Institute of Technology. The objective ofABES Institute of Technology is to value and unite the greatest patrimony that an Institution has: the network of its students. No matter how much one grows, the impressions of family support received during child hood remain engraved into ones psyche. The upbringing and care are typically attributed to the Mother.

In almost the same fashion, the educational institute where one has matured into adulthood remains a major force during the entire career. That’s why an educational institute is called Alma mater (Latin: “nourishing mother”) and the entire group of students become its alumni. Since on passing out of an institution, one automatically becomes its Alumni, its importance is not fully appreciated.

The first and foremost is the bonding that has evolved over a period, and that shall continue to get strengthened for many years to come. This bonding is both between the institute and its alumni (more like between a mother and her children) as well as amongst the alumni (that is amongst the siblings). As one gets more and more engrossed into one’s life and career, these moments of time spent together becomes very precious. Unlike the small personal family, the family of an institution keeps growing almost exponentially, and it is difficult to know all your siblings. The alumni group helps you keep up-to-date.

The alumni group is a way of keeping-in-touch, maintaining networking with your fellow, senior and junior groups, telling them of your brilliant growth, and counselling and helping them grow. For the alma mater, like your mother, it is always a matter of pride to know that its children are growing up and bringing glory to it. Being a member of Alumni Group is acknowledging to everyone that you treasure the relationships founded during your learning years.

The Alumni Association offers members the opportunity to grow through

  • Networking
  • Educational activities
  • Institutional Events

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