Placed in Nucleus Software

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It was a beautiful journey of B.Tech. at ABESIT. I feel proud to be a part of this college. It was an accomplishing experience to get placed after various attempts. I am feeling proud to have campus placement. It only became possible due to the efforts made by college CRC Department, which acts as an interface between the students and the various organisations. I would like to express my gratitude towards our HOD, CSE Department – Dr. Dilkeshwar Pandey, our CRC Head – Mr. Nitin Jain and all the faculty members who guided me and put their faith in me throughout these years. I owe a lot to my college both professionally and personally. At last I would like to quote here something:

“The boat that qualms the waves
Never gets across
The mind that dreads and dares
Has never been at loss
The tiny ant, when it carries the grain
Lays it up into the heights of the wall
Falls slipping a hundred times,
Just as it tries again
The faith in the mind
Stirs courage in the nerves
It soars and slips, then slips and soars again
Until its efforts have not been in vain”