Placed in Tech Mahindra

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I was always told that, keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. Still never stop yourself from doing it. I was never counted as a good student, rather I was the one who was always having some problem when it comes to college. The fear of failure was so high that I did not sit for any placement drive. With the constant support and motivation of my family I gave an interview in Tech Mahindra. The happiest moment if my life came when I got a call from the HR department of the company saying that you are selected and join the company as soon as possible. This experience was a life changing one. I would thank Nitin Jain Sir for giving all the support when it came for joining the company. His happiness toward my placement gave me more positive vibes towards this job. My list would be incomplete if I don’t thank my parents without whom this would never have been possible.