For Candidates seeking admission in 2017-18

Tuition Fee*:                                                                50,000
Registration:                                                                 2,500
Student Activity/ Career Planning & Development:                              9,500
Logistics:                                                                    5,000
Book Bank Maintenance:                                                        1,600
University Enrollment & Examination Fee (Annual- payable to University)**:    6,500
Mediclaim Premium (Annual- payable to Insurance Company):                       700

The below mentioned amount is only one time payable at the time of admission.

Admission Process (for Direct Admission- One time):                           4,500
Uniform Fabric (One time- payable to Raymond):                                4,600

The below mentioned security amount is one time payable and is refundable after the completion of B.Tech. Programme.

Academic Security (One time- Refundable):                                                  15,000
Book Bank Facility Security (One time- which will be refunded on termination of facility):  3,600

Note: – The payment of college fee would be annual for all Courses. Fees once paid will not be refunded or transferred to the name of any other person under any circumstances.

*Tuition fee is provisional, subject to approval of State fee Fixation Committee.

**Provisional, Subject to change by University.

DD will be made in the favour of ABESIT payable at Ghaziabad.