For Candidates seeking admission in 2016-17

Tuition Fee                      50,000
Registration Fee                  2,500
Student Activity                 10,000
Logistic Charges                  5,000
Book bank Process Fee             1,600
Sub total                        69,100
Academic Security (One time - Refundable)                15,000
Book Bank Facility Security (One time)
(which will be refunded on termination of facility)       3,600
Sub total                                                18,600
Admission Process fee (for Direct Admission - One time)   4,500
University Exam Fee (Annual - payable to University)      6,050
Mediclaim Policy (Annual - payable to Insurance Company)    700
Uniform Fabric (One time - payable to Raymond)            4,350
Sub total                                                15,600
Grand Total                                            1,03,300


  • Transport Fee Rs.14,000/-p.a.(Optional)
  • The payment of college fee would be annual for all Courses and is to be paid in full. Fees once paid will not be refunded or transferred to the name of any other person under any circumstances.