ABESIT Faculty Visit to Centers of Excellence

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ABESIT Faculty visited all the eleven Centers of Excellence which are in place in ABESIT campus, highest in numbers in AKTU,  in the following two groups:
Group1 : 10am to 1.00pm (CE, ME & AS)

Group2 : 2.30pm to 5pm (EEE, ECE, CSE & IT)

The objective of the visit is to aware & empower ABESIT faculty members about the CoE’s so that they can further discuss it with their respective students.

Prof. Sandeep Garg, Head-CEI steered both the groups of faculty in all Centers with Prof. Suneel Kumar Agarwal – Coordinator Festo Germany
Prof. Pawan Singh Mehra, Prof Praddep Kumar – Coordinators e-Yantra
Prof. (Dr.) Dilkeshware Pandey – Coordinator Big Data
Prof. Kalyan Pal – Coordinator Power Electronics & Drives
Prof. (Dr.) Sudhir Goyal – Coordinator Remote Sensing & GIS
Prof. Chaitanya Gandhi – Coordinator STAAD.pro
Prof. Aviral Malay, Prof. Rachit Patel – Coordinators Analog & Embedded Lab
Prof. Anand Prakash Gautam – Coordinator ANSYS Mechanica
Prof Balbir Singh, Dr. Ravindra Kumar – Coordinators Industrial Robitics