Promoting the participation in National/International level multidisciplinary competitive projects such as

(a) Electric Solar Vehicle Championship (ESVC 2016)

ABESIT Team VAIROCANA of students from Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department participated in Asia’s largest solar event, ESVC 2016, which was held at Bhopal from 25.03.2016 to 29.05.2016. This event was organized by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers.
01- electric solar vehicle

Of the 176 teams participated in the event at all India level, only 94 teams cleared the Virtual Design round. Team VAIROCANA cleared the technical inspection round along with 37 other teams of which 30 teams cleared the Brake, Acceleration tests and then Cross Pad event.
Total 30 teams, took part in Endurance Race where our team completed 31 laps in two phases whereas the highest score was 43 laps. As an outcome of the performance, two students namely Ms. Prachi Sharma and Mr. Samai Vashitha of Team VAIROCANA got the job placement in ISIE, Punjab and DCM Engineering, Punjab.

ABESIT congratulates all and feel proud of the students who are the part of TEAM VAIROCANA.

1Ashwani B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year Team Captain
2Krishna Yagnik B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year Team Vice Captain
3Samai Vashitha B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year Safety Officer
4Rahul Parihar B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year
5Abhishek Singh B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year
6Saurabh Singh B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year
7Prachi Sharma B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year
8Shivani PalB.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year
9Ravi Singh B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year
10Abhimanyu Tiwari B.Tech.(M.E.) Final Year
11Rohit B.Tech.(E.E.E.) Final Year Battery Officer
12Arvind Yadav B.Tech.(E.E.E.) Final Year
13Praveen MeenaB.Tech.(E.E.E.) Final Year
14Himanshu Gupta B.Tech.(E.E.E.) Final Year
15Nakul B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre Final Year
16Ranjeet Maurya B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre Final Year
17Sachin B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre Final Year
18Kshitij Goyal B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre Final Year

Special appreciation for Prof. Amit Vishnoi, Assistant Professor-ME and Prof. Jitendra Kumar, Assistant Professor-EEE to mentor the students in the task.

02- electric solar vehicle

mcp03 - Inauguration of ESVC Project


mcp07 - Working on Project

mcp09 - Ready to Go

mcp11 - With Vehicle

mcp04 - rollcage

mcp06 - ESVC Team

mcp08 - Working on Project

mcp10 - Relaxing

mcp12 - Prize Distribution

(b) Elite Go-Kart Championship 2016

ABESIT Team Hawks of students from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department will be participating in Elite Go-Kart Racing Championship which is to be organized by Elite Techno Group, Jaipur. It is an ideal platform for engineering students to learn the basics of Automobile and Vehicle dynamics and then design, fabricate, optimize and race their own racing machines.

mcp13 - Go-Kart VehicleOf the 181 teams participated in Design Virtual round at all India level, only 61 teams cleared the Virtual Design round.

mcp14 - Go-Kart Certificate

Now the team members have stared working for the manufacturing of the vehicle under the supervison of Prof. Amit Vishnoi, Assistant Professor-ME and Prof. Kalyan Pal, Assistant Professor-EEE. The Dynamic Round is scheduled in September 2016.


ABESIT wishes good luck to the following students who are the part of team going to participate in the Final Round of Elite Go-Kart Racing Championship 2016.

1ShivamB.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
2Ritesh Kumar SinghB.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
3Rhytam GulatiB.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
4Himanshu ChhibberB.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
5Priyanshu Gautam B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
6Sachin Kr. RajputB.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
7Ranjeet Kr. Maurya B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
8Prashant Sharma B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
9Nakul Kr. SharmaB.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year (Team Captain)
10Kshitij Goel B.Tech.(M.E.) Pre-Final Year
11Anjali Mishra B.Tech.( M.E.) Pre-Final Year
12Vikas Yadav B.Tech.( M.E.) Pre-Final Year
13Jyoti Singh B.Tech.( M.E.) Second Year
14Aditya Ranjan B.Tech.(M.E.) Second Year
15Ravi Kiran B.Tech.(M.E.) Second Year
16Himanshu Garg B.Tech.(M.E.) Second Year
17Arun KumarB.Tech.(M.E.) Second Year
18Mirza Farhan BaigB.Tech.(M.E.) Second Year
19Shivam Rawat B.Tech.( E.E.E.) Pre-Final Year
20Anuj Pal B.Tech.( E.E.E.) Pre-Final Year

Enhancing the technical capabilities via Centers of Excellence (CoE)

(a) Center of Excellence for Power Electronics & drives

04- entuple
ABESIT is pleased to inform that a MOU has been signed between Dr. APJ AKTU, Lucknow and Entuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (Technology partner of ANSYS & CADENCE) on 17.03.2016 at University campus, Lucknow for developing a Center of Excellence for Power Electronics & Drives at the campus of ABESIT (Code 290), Ghaziabad.

This Center of Excellence will virtually act as a Nodal Center on behalf of Dr. APJ AKTU for empowering the various engineering colleges to get expertise on issues related to Power Electronics & Drives. On the onset Entuple, Bangalore experts will periodically conduct empowerment programs for the faculty members so that they can understand the intricacies of the subject. In turn their expertise will be translated to the students so that the students will become industry requirement ready and employable.

Subsequently Industry based research projects will also be undertaken by the faculty members of Dr APJ AKTU and Entuple, Bangalore together.

(b) Center of Excellences for Analog & Embedded Systems

05- texan instruments
ABESIT has signed a MoU with EdGate Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (A partner of Texas Instruments (TI) India University Program) on 25.04.2016 for setting up a Center of Excellence for Analog & Embedded Systems at its campus of ABESIT (Code 290), Ghaziabad.

Texas Instruments University Program is a global program dedicated to supporting educators, researchers and students in facilitating the inclusion of TI analog and embedded processing in engineering classrooms teaching and research labs, textbooks, design projects and course curricula.

In this Center of Excellence a lab is being setup in ABESIT where EdGate, Bangalore experts will conduct empowerment programs for the faculty members of ABESIT and other engineering colleges to teach TI Platform. EdGate will also assist ABESIT to organize training programs on topics related to TI Platform. Faculty members from ABESIT who have undergone ‘train-the –trainer program ’ on TI platform and certified by EdGate as trainers may run certified training programs for the students. The students will be trained on Analog and Embedded systems as per the need of the industry.


coe03 - TI Poster FTP

Two Day Training Program was organized on Analog & Embedded Systems by the experts of EdGate Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore on 24th, & 25th July 2016 under Texas Instruments University Program. Fourteen Teaching Faculty from ECE & EEE participated in the training program which was held in ABESIT-Center of Excellence for Analog & Embedded Systems.

coe04 - TI Image

coe06 - TI Image

coe08 - TI Image

coe05 - TI Image

coe07 - TI Image

coe09 - TI Image

(c) Center of Excellence for Big Data & IoT

coe10 - Big Data Flex

ABESIT has signed a MoU with Datreon, Delhi on 20.06.2016 for setting up a Center of Excellence for Big Data & IoT at its campus of ABESIT (Code 290), Ghaziabad.
In this Center of Excellence a lab has already been established where experts from Dateron are imparting training to the students of ABESIT and other colleges as well on Big Data Analytics. The students will get the opportunity to work on live projects during the training program which would help them in preparing themselves as per the Industry standards.
This is a state of the art lab of its own kind in NCR where the students and experts from Datreon will jointly work on live projects which are based on Smart Cities.


coe11 - Big Data Poster Training

The first batch of Big Data Analytic Course started from 20th July, 2016 which has reached to its advance level enabling 10 students and faculty members of Computer Science & Information Technology Department to imbibe theoretical and practical knowledge.

Sr.NameBranch / Year
1Aman GuptaIT - Final Year
2Shivam ChaudharyCS - Second Year
3Anushka SinghCS - Second Year
4Vartika SharmaCS - Second Year
5Shivam ChoudharyIT - Second Year
6Stuti SwarnkarIT - Second Year
7Tushar OjhaIT - Second Year
8Vanshika GargCS - Second Year
9Sehaj GuptaCS - Final Year
10Mohd. Imran AyyubIT - Final year

coe13 - BIG DATA Image

coe12 - BIG DATA Image

Empowering the students via Centers of Training  (CoT)

(a) Center for Advanced Robotic Control for Industrial Automation

06- robotic

Center for Advanced Robotic Control for Industrial Automation has been established on 17.08.2015 in collaboration with Indo Euro Synchronization and APS GmbH-European Center for Mechatronics, Germany.
The students of Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering are being trained by German experts through Skype Sessions and by ABESIT faculty who had gone to Germany for seeking the training on Robotics Control for Industrial Automation.

Academic Visit of our Institutes’ Faculty to Germany – Two professors of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Ravindra Kumar and Prof. Balbir Singh, had gone to Germany for two weeks from 27th June – 7th July 2015 at APS-European Center for Mechantronics, Germany. Before going to Germany, 45 days online training was given to them through Skype.
The theoretical and practical training on different types of Robots such as ABB and KUKA, were covered by Dr.-Ing. Gunther Starke, an eminent professor of robotics at Aachen Technical University, Germany. The practical training was covered by Dr. Daniel Hann, CEO and MD, APS-European Center for Mechatronics. The practical training also included the programming of robot through Robot Studio simulation software and their implementation in the Industries.

Visit of our students in Germany to Autosol 2016 Program – The management of ABESIT sponsored Two meritorious students, Ms. Amrita Yadav, Final Year B.Tech. (IT) and Mr. Ankit Kumar Singh, Pre-Final B.Tech. (ME) among the Advanced Robotic Control (ARC) students to attend the Autosol 2016 Program in Germany which was from 22nd Feb 2016 to 3rd Mar 2016. This program provided full-fledged knowledge on Automobile/Automotive Engineering with complete package of seminars on current Research, Industrial Visits and Trade fair visits.

The merit was made on the basis of Internal Assessment, One to One Interaction and an external assessment by Indo-Euro Synchronization & APS-Gmbh European Center for Mechatronics, Germany. On the basis of ranking, two students got the opportunity to participate in Autosol 2016 Program and got the sponsorship from the Institute which included

  • Complete Course Fee – Seminars, Industry tour, Career and Training activity in Germany
  • International Travel (To & Fro) to Germany in economy class.
  • Accommodation – Complete accommodation for the program
  • Travel in Germany – Almost every participant travelled ~3000 km between the 3 destinations in Germany to cover University, Industry and Trade-fair activities.
  • Entrance Tickets – for Museums, Trade fares and all other required tickets during the trip.

Both the students attended 10 days Autosol 2016 Program in Germany as per the following schedule.

22nd February 2016Arrival and Welcome in Frankfurt, Germany. Travel to Aachen, Germany
24th February to 27th February 2016Four Days of Advanced Seminar Courses at European Center for Mechatronics - Aachen, Germany
28th February 2016Cultural Tour to Stuttgart, Germany
29th February to 1st March 2016Techno Management Course at Steinbeis University, Stuttgart, Germany
2nd March 2016Tour to manufacturing plant of Mercedes Benz Car plant, Sindelfingen, Germany
3rd March 2016Tour to Porsche Technical Museum, Stuttgart, Germany Tour to Technical Museum, Frankfurt and Departure from Frankfurt


17- mercedes

The following students have successfully completed the ARC training in the first batch which was held from 04.09.2015 to 05.12.2015.

1Adwitiya Deep Jaiswal
ME-Pre Final Year
2Salman ShamimCSE-Pre Final Year
3Kshitij PandeyME-Pre Final Year
4Deepak Kumar SrivastavaME-Final Year
5Priyanshu GautamME-Pre Final Year
6Ankit Kumar SinghME-Pre Final Year
7Shoaib AkhtarME-Pre Final Year
8Deepak Kumar VishwakarmaME-Final Year
9Amrita YadavIT-Final Year
10Aviral MehtaECE-Final Year
11Abhishek GuptaME-Final Year


Second batch of the following students is undergoing the ARC training which will be completed on 30.06.2016.

1Akash GuptaME-Pre Final Year
2Kajal YadavEC-Second Year
3Dakshi JainEC- Second Year
4Chandrabhan KushwahaME-Final Year
5Vineet KumarME-Pre Final Year
6Shipra SiddhuCS- Second Year
7Sahita Charya Kumar BhagatME-Pre Final Year
8Prateek KhandelwalEC-Second Year
9Rahul ChaudharyEC- Second Year
10Sapna SinghEEE-Pre Final Year
11Haris UmarME-Final Year
12Akash SharmaIT- Second Year
13Avinash NathIT- Second Year
14Ashish KumarEEE- Second Year
15Sachin Singh YadavME-Final Year
16Prashant SharmaME-Pre Final Year
17Nakul KumarME-Pre Final Year


(b) Center for Computer Aided Design & Engineering Analysis

18- cadplus

This center has been established in association with CADPLUS Software Solutions on 29.09.2015. It is a highly professional CAD/CAM/CAE training center equipped with latest state of the art design software like AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Engineering Analysis software like ANSYS* will help in simulation and predicting product’s behavior in real time scenario.
The sole objective of the training is to upgrade the conceptualize, engineering & designing skills of the students of Mechanical , Civil & Electrical Engineering to a professional level to make them industry-ready.

*In the process of procuring the software.

Certificates distribution Ceremony of FP001 (EED + AutoCAD) & FP002 (Solid Works) – The certificates of FP001 (EED+AutoCAD) & FP002 (Solid Works) Training were distributed to ME & CE students on 13.05.2016 in Center for Computer Aided Design & Engineering Analysis by Prof. (Dr.) Bhavesh Kumar Chauhan, Director ABESIT.

Total 95 certificates were awarded to 25 students of Batch-1, 28 students of Batch-2, 23 students of Batch-3 and 20 students of Batch-4

1Siddharth SengarME-Second Year
2Manish MishraCE-Second Year
3Arun KumarME-Second Year
4Mohd. KasimME-Second Year
5Jyoti SinghME-Second Year
6Prateek KumarME-Second Year
7Chetan KaushikME-Second Year
8Aditya RanjanME-Second Year
9Kartikey RaiME-Second Year
10Mirza Farhan BaigME-Second Year
11Ravi KiranME-Second Year
12Himanshu GargME-Second Year
13Manish ChandraME-Final Year
14Manish SharmaME-Final Year
15Akash KumarME-Final Year
16Ankit ChoudharyME-Final Year
17Umakant PrasadME-Pre Final Year
18Kunal SharmaME-Second Year
19Hom Bahadur PunME-Pre Final Year
20Vipin Kumar AdityaME-Final Year
21Vaibhav KumarME-Final Year
22Manav Garg
ME-Final Year
23Satish KumarME-Final Year
24Ashish Kumar PatelME-Pre Final Year
25Ashutosh MohanME-Pre Final Year
1Suhaib AhmedCE-Pre Final Year
2Harshit ChauhanME-Pre Final Year
3Shivam SharmaME-Pre Final Year
4Pawan Kumar SinghME-Pre Final Year
5Shivam SinghME-Pre Final Year
6Aadarsh SrivastavaME-Pre Final Year
7Vikas SinghME-Pre Final Year
8Rahul Ranjan BhartiME-Pre Final Year
9Amaan UsmaniCE-Final Year
10Atul TyagiCE-Final Year
11Himanshu BhushanCE-Final Year
12Ankit SinghCE-Final Year
13Akash Kr. KashyapME-Pre Final Year
14Vivek Kr. KushwahaME-Final Year
15Shivam SharmaCE-Pre Final Year
16Madhvendra VermaME-Pre Final Year
17Abhinav BhadauriaME-Pre Final Year
18Deepanshu VermaME-Pre Final Year
19Reeshu YadavCE-Final Year
20Aryan GautamCE-Final Year
21Deepak KumarME-Final Year
22Shubham SwamiME-Pre Final Year
23Suresh Kumar
ME-Pre Final Year
24Rana Muzahid
ME-Pre Final Year
25Anuj Mishra
ME-Pre Final Year
26Aman Gupta
ME-Pre Final Year
27Ranjeet Ranjan
CE-Pre Final Year
28Akash Kumar Gupta
ME-Pre Final Year
1Stuti KaushikME-Second Year
2Saumya GaurME-Second Year
3Ashish UpadhyayME-Second Year
4Prashant SinghME-Second Year
5Rohit KumarME-Second Year
6Radhey LalME-Second Year
7Madhu SharmaCE-Pre Final Year
8Ashish DeshwalCE-Pre Final Year
9Shishti ChaudharyCE-Pre Final Year
10Atul SinghCE-Pre Final Year
11MaheshCE-Pre Final Year
12Srajan YadavCE-Pre Final Year
13Arpit SinghCE-Pre Final Year
14Rishabh ShrivastavaME-Second Year
15Shailesh Kr YadavME-Second Year
16Shubham Raj
ME-Second Year
17Amit Kr Gautam
ME-Second Year
18Ajay Kr Yadav
ME-Second Year
19Sumit Nagar
ME-Second Year
20Sumit Shrivastava
ME (Other)
21Himanshu Singh
CE-Pre Final Year
22Sugam Jain
CE-Pre Final Year
23Ankit Chandra Tiwari
ME-Second Year
1Rahul TiwariME-Final Year
2Himanshu ChhibberME- Pre Final Year
3Himanshu BhardwajME- Pre Final Year
4Rana MuzahidME- Pre Final Year
5Himanshu GargME-Second Year
6Prateek KumarME-Second Year
7Vaibhav KumarME-Final Year
8Manav GargME-Final Year
9Satish KumarME-Final Year
10Vivek Kr KushwahaME-Final Year
11Chetan KaushikME-Second Year
12AnkurME-Second Year
13Madhvendra VermaME- Pre Final Year
14Abhinav BhadauriaME- Pre Final Year
15Shameek TyagiME- Pre Final Year
16Atul Saini
ME- Pre Final Year
17Divy Yadav
ME-Final Year
18Nadeem Malik
ME-Final Year
19Akshay Tyagi
ME- Pre Final Year
20Anurag Yadav
ME-Final Year

(c) Center for Structural Design & Analysis

cot28 - Staad Flex (1)The Center for Structural Design & Engineering Analysis has been established to empower the students of Civil Engineering department with state of the art Bentley software suit which includes 24 software specially, MX-Road, Water Gem & Sewer Gem.
The first batch of STAAD PRO training program started on 8th June, 2016 which has reached to its advance level enabling 91 students and faculty members of Civil Engineering Department to imbibe theoretical and practical knowledge.

cot29 - Staad (2)

cot30 - Staad (3)



Sr.NameYear / Branch
1Sagar KumarCE-Final Year
2Raj Kumar PalCE-Final Year
3Ankur VishnoiCE-Final Year
4VikalpCE-Final Year
5Surbhi SinghCE-Final Year
6Vishal TyagiCE Pre-Final Year
7Himanshu SinghCE Pre-Final Year
8Sugam JainCE Pre-Final Year
9Reeshu YadavCE Pre-Final Year
10Md. Zakwan HarisCE Pre-Final Year
11Pankaj KumarCE Pre-Final Year
12Akash YadavCE Pre-Final Year
13Anurag SinghCE Pre-Final Year
14NazimCE Pre-Final Year
15Vivek KumarCE Pre-Final Year
16Saksham GuptaCE Pre-Final Year
17Ranjit Ranjan SinghCE Pre-Final Year
18Arvind TomarCE Pre-Final Year
19Sonal MitraCE Pre-Final Year
20Ranjeet KumarCE Pre-Final Year
21Prashant SinghCE Pre-Final Year
22Pawan MaanCE Pre-Final Year
23Rajat SharmaCE Pre-Final Year
24Rishabh SinghalCE Pre-Final Year
25Keshav KrishnaCE Pre-Final Year
26MaheshCE Pre-Final Year
27Kundan Singh ChauhanCE Pre-Final Year
28Shivam SharmaCE Pre-Final Year
29Rhythm JaiswalCE Pre-Final Year
30Ashwani KumarCE Pre-Final Year
31Yogesh Kumar SinghCE Pre-Final Year
32Prateek ShuklaCE Pre-Final Year
33Prashant GoswamiCE Pre-Final Year
34Karan Kumar SoamCE Pre-Final Year
35Vikas RanaCE Pre-Final Year
36Roshan KumarCE Pre-Final Year
37Srajan YadavCE Pre-Final Year
38Raman GautamCE Pre-Final Year
39Ankit Chand MishraCE Pre-Final Year
40Vikas KumarCE Pre-Final Year
41Aachman GoelCE Pre-Final Year
42Priyanka TyagiCE Pre-Final Year
43Aves KhanCE Pre-Final Year
44Avadesh GuptaCE Pre-Final Year
45Vineet BhardwajCE Pre-Final Year
46Vikas TiwariCE Pre-Final Year
47Atul SinghCE Pre-Final Year
48Vineet Vikram PatelCE Pre-Final Year
49Vivek PandeyCE Pre-Final Year
50Arpit SinghCE Pre-Final Year
Sr.NameYear / Branch
51Gaurav KumarCE Pre-Final Year
52UditCE Pre-Final Year
53Ojasvi KapoorCE Pre-Final Year
54Suhaib AhmedCE Pre-Final Year
55Vishal RaghavCE Pre-Final Year
56Ashish DeshwalCE Pre-Final Year
57Madhu SharmaCE Pre-Final Year
58Arpit SinghCE Pre-Final Year
59Vikram ChauhanCE Pre-Final Year
60Archit SinghCE Pre-Final Year
61Aakash SinghCE Pre-Final Year
62Rajat VatsCE-Final Year
63Rohit KumarCE Pre-Final Year
64Abhinav Bandhu SaxenaCE-Final Year
65Manish Kumar JhaCE-Second Year
66Dev VashisthaCE-Second Year
67Ishu SharmaCE-Second Year
68Vishal NagarCE-Second Year
69Mritunjay Pratap ChauhanCE-Second Year
70Harshwardhan ChopraCE-Second Year
71Lokesh KumarCE-Second Year
72Himanshu SharmaCE-Second Year
73Atul SukraliyaCE-Second Year
74Ankush RawatCE-Second Year
75Prince PanwarCE-Second Year
76Kapil AgarwalCE-Second Year
77md. SagirCE-Second Year
78Priyanshu Pratap SinghCE-Second Year
79Vaibhav KashyapCE-Second Year
80Narendra SharmaCE-Second Year
81Akshay AgnihotriCE-Second Year
82Rishabh SaxenaCE-Second Year
83Sanky SinghCE-Second Year
84Rishabh AgarwalCE-Second Year
85Vishal RawatCE Pre-Final Year
86Nishchay ChaudharyCE Pre-Final Year
87Satyendra PalCE Pre-Final Year
88Shiv Kumar PrajapatiCE Pre-Final Year
89Km Jyoti RaniCE-Second Year
90Vipin SharmaCE-Second Year
91Nadeem KhanCE Pre-Final Year

(d) e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative in Embedded Systems & Robotics

cot31 - e-yantra FLEX (1)

-Yantra is a project by IIT Bombay to spread education in Embedded systems and Robotics. This project has been sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) through the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT).
e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) supports infrastructure creation by providing a platform for training teachers both in theory and applications of Robotics, in addition to providing guidance in setting up a Robotics Lab.
ABESIT nominated the following four teaching faculty members for e-Yantra project.

  1. Mr. Pawan Singh Mehra, Assistant Prof., CSE (Team Leader)
  2. Dr. Ravindra Kumar, Associate Prof., ME
  3. Mr. Balbir Singh, Assistant Prof., ME
  4. Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Assistant Prof., ECE

All the four teaching faculty members attended Two days Face-to-Face training Workshop conducted at MGMCoET, Noida on May 30-31, 2016.





After successfully completing the workshop, the team of four teachers are under going online Three/Four months Task Based training (TBT) where they are working on periodically assigned tasks with deadlines.

Promoting Creativity and the Spirit of Innovation among the students

IDEA-11 contest (2015-16)

IDEA-11 contest for the conversion of innovative ideas into products which can help in grooming the skill set of students. These ideas are being nurtured and mentored on every stage for ensuring their correct accomplishment and unfold the dreams.


The reward ceremony was organized on 05.11.2016 in the Auditorium of the institute where following students were rewarded with a Certificate of Appreciation and a Cash prize of Rs. 1000/- for 11 ideas.

1Apurva SharmaCS Second YearRecord,send & receive smell
2Parth SuriCS Third YearHospital bed avilability
3Sandhya KumariCS Final YearThe constant Gardener
4jyoti SinghME Second YearA women’s third eye
5Himanshu SharmaME Final YearCar cooling system during summer season
6Nikunj Garg
Aadil Ali
EEE Final Year
EEE Final Year
Work station for battery charging at cheaper rate
7Avneet SharmaEEE Pre Final YearGlowing of street light by detection of movement
8Aves KhanCE Pre Final YearUse of polymers in building construction
9Srajan YadavCE Pre Final YearUse of nanotechnology in buiolding materials
10Harsh KumarEC Pre Final YearEnergy saving in lighting devices
11Shubhendu MishraEC Pre Final YearUtilizing hidden energy in home/daily Appliances


Interactions with Industry in the form of Industrial Visits

(a) Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of EEPC India

EEPC India (formerly known as Engineering Export Promotion Council of India) has celebrated Diamond Jubilee on Thursday, 3 September 2015 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble President of India was the chief guest on the occasion. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State for Commerce & Industry were the Guests of Honor.
A group of fifty toper students five each from Pre Final & Final Year of CE, CS, IT, EEE, EC & ME department were nominated to witness this ceremonial function.

(b) Industrial Visit to Micromatic Grinding Technologies Limited

With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and learn more about industrial environment in terms of working methods.
The students of Final Year B.Tech. ME visited the state of the art manufacturing plant of Micromatic Grinding Technologies Limited, Ghaziabad on 03.12.2015. The visit was accompanied by Prof. Basant Pandey & Prof. Doli Rani. Assistant Professors ME Deptt.



(c) Industrial Visit to JCB India Limited

The students of Final Year B.Tech. ME & EEE visited the world class manufacturing plant of JCB India Limited, Ballabhgarg, Haryana on 04.05.2016. The visit was accompanied by Prof. Sandeep Garg Head-ABESIT-CEI, Mr. Nitin Jain Head CRC, Prof. Balbir Singh, Asst Prof. ME Deptt and Prof. Jitendra Kumar, Asst Prof EEE Department.


Project Initiatives to showcase the capabilities of students

(a) Conference Bike

pi1 - PI

The Conference Bike designed and manufactured by students of B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering, is a revolutionary way to bring people together. It is the new way of transportation without using the fuel and harming the environment. The conference bike is pedaled by five riders sitting in a circle. One person controls the steering and brakes of the cycle and rest fellow partners including driver paddle the cycle. When effort of all the partners come together, then cycle move smoothly and efficiently. All the paddles attached with each other through circular joint of driving shaft attached with the universal joint at the edges. It has four wheels with help in the balance of the cycle. It could be used in the public places like malls, parks, big industries, hospitals and many other places. The main advantage of this bike is that it does not require any fuel to start and does not release any harmful gasses while running. It is totally based on the physical force of the passengers. It helps the people to be fit and healthy as paddling the cycle is very beneficial to the health and improves the blood circulation of the body.

(b) Work station for battery charging at cheaper rate

(c) Quad copter

Inauguration of Center of Excellence for Big Data & IoT
Two Days Faculty Development Program on Big Data Analytics

Center of Excellence for Big Data & IoT was inaugurated along with Two days Faculty Development
Program on Big Data Analytics on 7th August 2016 by Hon’ble Prof. (Dr.) Vinay Kumar Pathak, Vice
Chancellor, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow at ABES Institute of Technology,
Ghaziabad (College Code-290).

In Center of Excellence for Big Data & IoT , a lab is established in collaboration with Datreon, Delhi, where
experts from Datreon will impart the training to the students of ABESIT and other colleges as well, on Big Data
Analytics. The students will get the opportunity to work on live projects during the training program which would
help them in preparing themselves as per the Industry standards.

This is a state of the art lab of its own kind in NCR where the students and experts from Datreon will jointly work
on live projects which are based on Smart Cities.

Two days Faculty Development Program was conducted on Big Data Analytics at the Center of Excellence for Big
Data & IoT at ABES Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad (College Code-290) on 7th & 8th August 2016.

The Speakers for the four sessions of FDP were experts from Datreon, Delhi.

The contents which were covered during the four sessions

Relevance to Hadoop Ecosystem : Real grass root level scenarios

  • Eternal truth about the legacy THREE TIER ARCHITECTURE and changing needs of enterprise IT
  • Data Center Internals(How to build a Modern Data Center on Moon)
  • Installations
  • File System Inside Out
  • Hadoop Basics
  • HDFS

Big Data Ecosystem

  • Map reduce
  • Introduction to Architecture & role of Haddop Ecosystem Components
  • NOSQL Databases
  • Mango DB
  • Cassandra
  • Neo4j
  • Text Classification BI lifecycle:
  • The unimportance of R and python

The participants 36 in total from various Engineering Colleges participated in Faculty Development Program.

The feedback of above said FDP from the participants was above average with a common remark that this type
of FDP should be conducted for five days so as to understand the basics and practical aspects of the subject